– Age? 26

– Home town? Dartford

– How did you get into Olympic Weightlifting and when did you start? Around 2008. I was a Pole Vaulter and did some weights for my conditioning training. Then Keith Morgan my weights coach suggested I change sports. I did a competition for the club and decided it was actually quite fun! The rest is history!

– What are your achievements in the sport and Personal Bests? 93, 115 at 63kg, 94, 120 at 69kg. Finishing 5th at 2014 CWG and finishing 6th at 2016 European Champs.

– How often do you train? About 7 times a week.

– What are your aims? Win some international medals.

– Why Beaches and Barbells? Because is there any better combination?!! Everyone loves a barbell and everyone loves a beach! Win win!

– Any Comedic fails/bails in training or competition? Go running with the bar overhead quite a lot. It’s character-building!

– Favourite thing outside of training? Chocolate

– Beach or Barbell? Hmmmm barbell. On the beach.

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